NSEFI Awards

We love to see people that are doing great things with the hobby and throughout the day of the event we'll be taking note of aircraft that catch our eye!  Four awards will be presented at the award presentation in the afternoon. Award winners will receive a small prize to commemorate the award. The awards up for grabs are as follows:

Best In Show

NSEFI isn't a scale event, but the advent of modern electric power has allowed builders to model seldom-seen aircraft and the skill level of the best builders in the hobby is just astounding! Bring out your new build, your trusty old stand-by, or something in-between and it might just bring home the top honors!

Innovation Award

Our hobby is one that fosters innovation and new technologies so we want to recognize the model that we feel is pushing the envelope. Unique power systems, advanced aerodynamic designs, and other boundary-pushing features are what we want to see!

Largest Model Flown

This one is pretty simple; we'll be on the lookout for the largest flying machine in the sky! The field can support just about any size aircraft so bring the "big birds" with you!

Smallest Model Flown

This award will be more difficult to spot because of the size of the modern micro models, but we'll do our best! Micro models are no longer simple and we'd love to see what you've built!

NOTE: In order to be eligible for an award, the aircraft must fly during the event. Static aircraft for display are absolutely welcome, but we are stressing the flying aspect of the hobby.  The panel of judges will observe the event and prior to the award presentation will come up with their selections.