How did NSEFI come about?

Born of a desire to continue the promotion and progression of electric-powered flight, NSEFI has been in the making for a few years now. Whether plans were solidified while driving to OH to fly indoors or to NJ for yet another fly-in isn't certain, but we put a list of the best things that all of these events offer and are trying to boil them all into one great event!


We think that a great event is one that has a facility that can support models of all sizes, has some special events for unique or similar aircraft, but also has lots of open flying time. One bonus to any event is a good lunch and with our relationship with a local restaurant we've been able to arrange our "premium lunch" for all pilots that we know you will love!

Meet the Team Behind NSEFI

Every event has the group of volunteers that take hours of their time to make everything run smoothly during the event; this is ours. We feel that our team has all of the skills and drive necessary to present a top-notch event that rivals any other event in pure fun!

If you need anything before, during, or after the event these are the people to contact.


Bill Sawn

Contest Director

If you want to know about battery discharge curves, Bill is the guy to talk to!

A skilled pilot in his own right, Bill is never one to take the hobby too seriously and has on occasion gone "buck wild" with one of his many warbirds!


Jonathan Sawn

Asst. Contest Director

AMA Leader Member, Life Member, & Intro Pilot Instructor; you'd think this guy is just trying to collect endorsements on his license!

Jonathan is passionate about flight and enjoys flying giant-scale WWI aircraft as well as designing aircraft and selling kits and related equipment through his business, Sawn Craft.